30 best websites in Ireland for Xmas presents!

It’s the run-up to Christmas. Many people – men and women – are trying to figure out what to get their loved ones for Christmas. Now we tend to think that our work is for life, not just for Christmas. But at the same time, Christmas is a time when people (men, especially) are often lost for ideas.

So we were really very happy to see that The Irish Times listed us in the “30 Irish websites to get this year’s Christmas presents from”.

In general, we like our customers to really see our work face-to-face. That’s how you’ll really understand the quality you’re getting. But if you want to buy online that’s fine too.

So, what next?

We can ship anywhere in Ireland or internationally. Shipping gets more expensive outside Ireland and if you’re in the USA there are taxes to consider. Though, for the USA, VAT comes off before other taxes go on. It’s complicated.

Anyway, drop in to the shop (location and directions here) or have a look around the website.

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