Morganite Engagement Rings

Morganite engagement rings have become very popular in the last couple of years. Because we use Morganite (pink beryl) in quite a few pieces, we've occasionally been asked about morganite engagement rings. Not to make them, just about them. 

Now we don't do engagement rings at all unless you'd like a special commission, but we do like morganite a lot - which means it's an important question. And this really is one of those "it depends" discussions.

Morganite, Aquamarine, Emerald

Morganite, Aquamarine, Emerald.

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As a Fellow of the Gemmological Association, we're well aware that morganite is a lovely stone. It has a range of variations of colour and clarity and it goes well with gold of a variety of tones. Rose gold and morganite can be particularly lovely together. Morganite can give you much more bang for your buck than many other stones. We love morganite.

Alongside its chemical stablemates of Aquamarine (blue beryl) and Emerald (green beryl with chrome color), morganite is accessible, attractive and just lovely. 

The only "however" is that morganite is considerably softer than diamond, the "classic" stone in engagement rings. Morganite is perfectly durable enough for use as normal jewellery, but engagment rings don't get "normal" use. They're usually worn every day, on your hand, and get a fairly rough time, knocking and banging against the things of everyday life.

Morganite care and durability at the GIA

Engagment rings often need to have their settings checked every few years to make sure the setting doesn't loosen and the stone doesn't just fall out (it happens). And if you wear a morganite ring every day you have to imagine the stone getting the same knocks.  

So, by all means get a morganite engagement ring, but bear the comparative softness of the stone in mind. Settings can be made to protect the stone more and you'll see this a lot. Halos of small diamonds around the stone are often used, or metal higher in the setting, or the stone lower.  Or you can have a high unprotected stone and simply budget to replace the stone every few years. Again, an advantage of morganite is that replacement of the stone needn't be prohibitively expensive. 

Anyway, there are a number of jewellers in Ireland selling morganite engagement rings off the shelf and they're all well aware of morganite's features, so if you're after a normal morganite engagement ring just talk to them and make sure you know the pros and cons. Morganite is a beautiful stone.

If you have an idea for something unusual, come talk to Nicole. Just email. Or drop in to the studio. 

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