Gift Sets

Ranging from sets based on easy to wear gemstones on lush 9k yellow gold necklaces or twisted earring wires, and on to more distinctive sets based on black diamond, silver and onyx necklaces and earrings, these sets all offer great value and ready-to-go elegance.

Their clean design and quality materials make these all simple & elegant, timeless & ageless, and perfect for every day wear.  

Whether worn with casual or formal clothes, the high quality materials and workmanship shine through in these pieces. They combine simplicity with unmissable quality of finish. 

The difference in quality between these and "normal" high-street pieces is hard to overstate. The higher quality chains, hand-twisted or large gauge ear wires and consistently high grade materials show themselves in the hand, and while worn. 

The simpler pieces are also perfect for younger wearers. Perhaps even for a First Communion or Confirmation, these are gifts she will wear for years to come and come to appreciate more over time.