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Nicole van der Wolf

Growing up in Diplomatic circles across South America and the Caribbean, some of my earliest memories include being mesmerized by interesting people wearing beautiful things. My princes and princesses weren’t of the Disney variety, but rather real life examples of handsome men in tuxedos and stunning women in cocktail dresses and elaborate jewellery to match.

By the time I settled in Ireland, I had lived in 6 different countries across 3 continents. Each place brought me new influences and opportunities, and when I settled in Dublin with my own young family, my mind turned to the emeralds I had seen as a child. I studied Gemmology at the Gem-A in London and trained as a goldsmith in Dublin.

While I was studying I met outstanding American stone-cutters and was fascinated by their fantasy-cut gems. Seeing that it is nearly impossible to find examples of their work in Europe I decided to design one-off pieces of jewellery around these amazing gems. I set up my studio in 2016 and find my background in international business and IT a great asset to the day to day running of my jewellery business.

My design aesthetic is heavily influenced by scenes of my international travels. My designs include gems and precious metals to evoke memories and feelings from spectacular places. I am particularly interested by the way light changes in different parts of the world and how it affects mood and colour. My series of one-off pieces are designed around unique gems, each adding to the individual character of the often dramatic pieces.

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About My Jewellery

At the heart of it I consider jewellery both decoration and art. I believe my designs should intrigue and continue to fascinate for generations, so I  make my pieces to last. I feel that good jewellery should be a joy to wear and — like a close friend — should spark a conversation.

From unique heirloom pieces to limited edition collections, you’ll find unusual gems, kinetic settings, and a bold, clean look. Wearing my pieces is a great way to show a little personality in a grey world. Brimming with character and movement, these pieces work well worn casually but are equally fabulous as a little rebellion on your business wear.

Snowscape - Onyxy, Gold, Moonstone

As gemmologist, I carefully select unusual gemstones to use in my ready-to-wear collections. I like to use innovative settings in our designs to complement these little treasures. Sometimes I come across exceptional fantasy-cut gems that just beg to become the centre of my one-off collector pieces in 18k gold.

You might fall for my dazzling black diamond and onyx jewellery. Or maybe you’re drawn to my gently coloured pieces with fantasy-cut gemstones. There are plenty of ideas — from a trendy layered look to special jewellery for casual or dressy occasions.

My unique designs are informed by my extensive time living abroad – in the Americas, continental Europe and now Ireland. Often a gem will stir a particular memory or experience and that becomes the inspiration for the design.

Big or small, I treat every gem with deep respect: I use recycled gold and traditional goldsmithing skills to create beautiful and tactile jewellery, right here in my Dublin city studio.

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About my studio 

Nicole van der Wolf at the bench

A little off the beaten track I am surrounded by renowned art galleries and gorgeous eateries, creating a pleasant bustle to the street. Although South Frederick Street caters to an exclusive clientele, you’ll find me quite down to earth and welcoming.

Behind the big red door, my light-flooded studio is nestled below DesignYard Gallery in the former kitchens of one of Dublin’s beautiful Georgian buildings.

My studio space doubles as an extension to the gallery above and makes for a lovely meeting room for a chat about bespoke commissions.

Pop in to DesignYard anytime to see my jewellery and have a chat, or shop online. If you don’t find me at my bench, I might be upstairs in the gallery stocking up, or out getting supplies nearby. In any event I am not far away and look forward to meeting you.