Finding Beauty in Chaos

Somewhere between restocking the gallery and a daydream this happened.

I’m totally in love with the latest addition to the Midnight Snow range. Have a look below for description and photos.

When I’m developing a new design I am completely engrossed in the process and can think of little else – a hugely satisfying process that takes me away to another realm. More recently I am beginning to appreciate the time I spend making repeats in my limited edition ranges – as I already know what to do I can get on with making and I find it works as well as meditation.

The other day I was making more of my gem sphere necklaces, my mind wandered and the double hoop “Winter Solstice” necklace appeared like magic! It’s an idea that has been at the back of my mind for a while now, but it took this quiet moment to find a combination that simply works. I love the balance between the offset graphic hoops and jagged organic diamonds – the free spinning hoop is a playful feature of this soft geometric necklace. I am curious to hear what you think – comment below!

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