Commissioning a bespoke piece

Commissioning bespoke jewellery is very exciting! You may want to design something original from scratch, something to complement a cherished piece, or to rework your unused jewellery into a new design to wear for many years to come. Transforming your ideas and personality into stunning jewellery that perfectly fits your style and taste is simply magical.

Your commission starts with an informal chat to hash out some initial ideas – free of charge and no obligation of course. Bring in any images and old gold you’d like to consider in the design.

Be prepared to get excited as you see the possibilities – here are a few examples of recent commissions:

Topaz and Diamond Birthstone Ring Stack

Birthstone ringA classic ring stack to capture the spirit of her relationship with her daughter.

The rings work well together, but are each strong enough to stand on their own – a bit like the ladies they were made for.

Simplicity was key for this design as she wants to be able to wear it every day. She will wear the rings together for the time being, but plans to give her daughter the topaz ring in a few years time.

Stunning Citrine and White Gold Pendant

Citrine and white gold pendant (Dandelion)

Our customer popped in to see Nicole’s Dandelion pendant, only to find it had already gone to its new home.

We source our Fantasy-cut gems directly from small suppliers and she was delighted that we were able to get her a different gem to make her something similar.

The shape and design of each fantasy cut gem is determined by the raw gem material – there are no two alike and this one is something spectacular! The mirror finish picks up the colour from the gem and swirls it around the concave 14k white gold disc. Elegant, timeless and very unusual! 

Repurpose your Family Heirlooms

Bangles from recycled gold and gemsIn this Dublin family, “Nana” had passed on a lot of good jewellery for her granddaughters to enjoy. Unfortunately fashions have moved on and the girls weren’t particularly interested in the jewellery as it was.Nicole suggested melting the jewellery and make a bangles instead.

They each chose their preferred style and shape. We reclaimed the gems from the jewellery to reuse in the new bangles.

The girls are delighted to carry fond memories of their Nana with them in elegant jewellery they can enjoy every day.

Reworking old jewellery is an increasingly popular service and one that keeps memories alive.

Upcycle cherished jewellery

Upcycled/reworked emerald ringThis customer came in with an emerald ring she had been wearing for years. The ring was special to her as it reminded her of her travels through South America in her 20’s.

She still liked the original design and luckily the gem was in good condition. So we refurbished the ring and made an 18k yellow gold setting to bring up the colour of her rather nice emerald.

She’s delighted to have her ring back but better than ever.  

Gift for a dapper gentleman

Custom made, hand engraved/monogrammed solid gold cufflinksA 75th birthday present for a dapper gentleman who had spent his life collecting spectacular jewellery.

His wife commented that although they still appreciate the finer things in life, they didn’t go places suitable for all this extravagance. She decided to commission something simple but personal.

Using jewellery he had given her in the past, we made these heavy oval cufflinks with chain and bar fittings. We like the textured surface in contrast to the crisp hand engraved initials.

They are both delighted with the results – the cufflinks are perfect for their club socials!  

Your Ideas – Your Jewellery

Whatever you have in mind, come in and see if it can be done.

Nicole van der Wolf Jewellery can create an original design and handcraft a special piece of jewellery that is exactly right for you. Whether that’s as classic and personal as a name necklace or cufflinks, or as adventurous as you can imagine, drop us a line or come in and chat.

 Designing and making bespoke jewellery is a wonderful opportunity to work closely with my customers. As jewellery is so personal it is a magical experience to transform your ideas and personality into a unique piece that is perfect for you.— Nicole

Starting your Commission

Every commission is a process. It starts with a casual chat where you get to know what is possible and suss out what you would like to have. We understand you mightn’t be quite sure yet and we’re happy to guide you through the discovery process.

And if you’re considering remodeling your gold jewellery drop it in to us for assessment – free of charge and no obligation. Have a good root around for any loose gems and broken bits and pieces you may have – you’d be surprised how quickly it adds up.

“Simply pop into the studio, call me or send me an email. We’ll have a quick chat about your ideas and I’ll make some sketches.

Sometimes a more detailed conversation and formal drawings follow, along with a quote.

Once you’re happy with the designs it takes me about 4 weeks to make your piece.”  — Nicole

Once we have a clear idea of what you’d like, we provide hand-drawn designs and a quotation for your approval. When you’re happy and we’ve received your 50% deposit we get busy skillfully hand-crafting your unique commission in our Dublin studio. Your bespoke jewellery will be ready for collection in 4 – 6 weeks.

When you collect we will double check that your piece fits you as expected and advize you of care instructions. Though that concludes the commission process we would love to see you wearing your special piece in the future, so don’t be a stranger! Do pop in from time to time to tell us how you are getting on and let us sparkle your jewellery for you.

We genuinely love doing bespoke work and we hope you’ll enjoy the process as much as we do!

Old gold and initial design sketches Melting old gold for re-use Bangle made from recycled gold and gems