Splash Earrings
Splash Earrings

Splash Earrings

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A bold drop-shaped link dangles freely from a tiny hoop, catching the light like the summer sun dancing on the water. The drop shape can be arranged to point up or down, but we like it best left to its own devices and playfully rearranging itself throughout the day, as it moves with the wearer. With every element handmade in solid 14 karat yellow gold, these earrings are both bright and luxurious. Perfect on a simple T and equally easy to wear with a dress shirt, or as a festive note on your little black dress. A piece you can put on and forget about, in the sure knowledge you're looking great for the day ahead.

The Splash range was inspired by Nicole's love for the open water - sea swimming, leisurely stand up paddle board trips along the coast, but also the beauty of summer rain droplets splashing on the surface, or early morning dew drops hanging form the tips of hardy grasses along the beach front. The Splash earrings represent the joy and serenity of playing with water and taking time to marvel at the little things in life.

Dimensions: 28mm (H) x 18mm (W)
Earring fitting: Stud fitting with scroll
Materials: Solid 14 karat yellow gold

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