Midnight Snow
Midnight Snow
Midnight Snow
Midnight Snow

Midnight Snow

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A spectacular neckpiece featuring a striking hand-carved Onyx druse set in 18 karat gold with cat's-eye moonstone and diamond accents. This dramatic pendant recalls a wolf's view of the moon through the snow covered pine trees, or is it the moon peeking over the pass? The exquisite edge of fine crystals sparkles brightly beside the smooth matte surface of the onyx, much like fresh fallen snow on a dark winters night.

We cannot overstate the quality of this finest layer of druse - it is some of the best nature has to offer. The dainty druse crystals form naturally in the interior of an onyx geode - the shape, size, colour and fineness is determined by the conditions under which the geode forms. The grain ranges from coarser sugarlike crystals to the superfine structure seen in this piece. The lapidary has respectfully finished the gem with a matte surface to offset the beautiful sparkle. The reverse is finished in a more typical high polish - showing the deep black colour of the onyx.  

In this piece Nicole captures the thrill and excitement of joyful days playing in the snow. The wonder and surprise at this very special form of water captured in gleaming yellow gold. Don't forget to take a peek at the reverse of this exquisitely finished piece. 

Presented on an 18 karat gold Tonda chain this versatile necklace can be worn 2 ways:  complete as shown, or remove the larger onyx pendant and wear just the moonstone and diamond detail on its own. This is a unique one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to boost your mood and elevate your outfit to the next level.

Tip: Onyx is a meaningful way to celebrate a 7th anniversary or July birthday / significant life event. Moonstone for a 13th anniversary or June event. Diamond is perfect for a 60th anniversary or April birthday.  

Product Details:

Onyx pendant length 70mm
Moonstone detail 10mm x 10mm
18 karat gold Tonda necklet with bajonet clasp

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