Cubo Long Earrings - Tiger Eye
Cubo Long Earrings - Tiger Eye

Cubo Long Earrings - Tiger Eye

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Inspired by the square bucket and spade sets my mom used to buy us at the beach, these free-floating gemstone cubes are presented on a twisted 9 karat yellow gold ear wire. Carefree pieces to wear year round.

Whether you prefer our luscious black Onyx, shimmering Tiger Eye, or striking Lapis Lazuli these lovely earrings add a touch of casual elegance to wear every day.

Product details:

Our lush black onyx cubes are made from agate using techniques dating back as far as the Roman empire. Tiger Eye quartz is a chatoyant gemstone that shimmers in earthy golden tones. Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue gem prized for its intense blue colour since antiquity.

Cube size: 6mm cube

Earring length: 40 mm

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