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Midnight Snow

When Nicole first saw these onyx carvings she was immediately drawn to the mysterious dark gem with an edge of gentle sparkle. As she tried to describe the gems, her memories of her winters in Michigan came back one layer at a time: the blackness of the matte onyx and the way it seems to absorb all light evokes memories of the velvety dark of the clear winters’ nights, even under the brightest of moons; the sparkle of the druze and the soft curves of the carvings remind her of the gentle Michigan landscape under a blanket of fresh snow.

It is the juxtaposition of extreme dark with ethereal light that formed the basis of the Midnight Snow series. Nicole marries these elements into pendants with impact and elegance, using traditional goldsmithing techniques to create unusual settings. The designs impart an air of timelessness and sophistication.

Midnight Snow’s versatile neckpieces effortlessly bring you from day to evening. They put the finishing touch on this years’ colour blocking trends, and equally elevate your favourite little black dress.

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Summer Strand

Initially struck by the gentle colours and unusual shapes, Nicole continues to admire the gems’ intriguing patterns and unique play of light. They evoke joyful memories of sunny days at the beach, soft tall grass mixed with wild flowers, and long evenings with romantic sunsets.

The Summer Strand series is based on the ever-changing light and soft colours of Northern European skies. The one-off designs play with the light of the fancy cut gems to create powerful pendants with spectacular effects. The delicate 18 karat multi-strand necklaces beautifully carry the handcrafted pendants.

Summer Strands’ graceful neckpieces and their soft colours elevate your favourite summer dress and create a stir around your evening attire.

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Silver Seas

Inspired by the worlds oceans the Silver Seas collection encompasses several ranges of Sterling silver jewellery all hand made in our Dublin studio:

The ShipShape range celebrates the merchant navy of the Golden Ages. The central element was inspired by the old wooden barrels that were used to transport luxury goods from exotic places: lashed down for transport, but not always staying put.

Hidden Treasures explores man’s relationship with the sea. On the one hand the sea provides us with many natural riches, such as nourishment, minerals and indispensable shipping routes. However the sheer force of the water also poses a real threat – taking lives of unfortunate seafarers and the valuable merchandise they were transporting.  The focal point for this range was inspired by the capricious nature of the sea and the treasures it holds, both natural and those reclaimed from man. Carefully stowed away inside this edgy Sterling silver pendant are garnet spheres that roll freely with the movement of the wearer – little hidden treasures in a treacherous sea.

Sunny Spells is a range of graphical designs representing different weather types. Upon moving to Ireland Nicole was struck by the lovely phrase “sunny spells and scattered showers” frequently used to describe the local weather.  It conjures up an uplifting feeling of easily surmountable hiccups followed by moments of beautiful sunshine and above all an enjoyable day outdoors.

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