Midnight Snow is “IT”


I’m delighted to kick off 2018 with Midnight Snow featuring in Image Magazine’s Jan/Feb edition.

Image likes Midnight Snow because it’s right on trend with the mood on Milan’s runways this season. I love this one-off piece for its luscious materials and timeless design.  Continue reading “Midnight Snow is “IT””

“Glimmer and Gleam” photo editiorial Irish Tatler 08/2107


It’s awesome to be featured in Irish Tatler’s Aug’17 photo editorial, which they’ve titled “Glimmer and Gleam”. Continue reading ““Glimmer and Gleam” photo editiorial Irish Tatler 08/2107″

Sometimes it’s the little things…


Alli came in with her modern emerald and silver ring. She was looking to upgrade her ring to do justice to the rather nice emerald.  Turns out she actually rather liked the existing design, so we opted for tweaking her ring Continue reading “Sometimes it’s the little things…”

Featured in Totally Dublin


So fun to be featured in Totally Dublin’s article on DesignYard, alongside the talented Ella Green and Loinnir Jewellery! Read the excerpt below or click here to check out the full article http://www.totallydublin.ie/more/fashion/exposing-the-enclosure-the-design-yard/

Continue reading “Featured in Totally Dublin”

Mom & Daughter


Maddie had been considering a special piece of jewellery using her daughter’s birthstone. We got to talking about her ideas and personal style and designed this lovely set of stacking rings. One with a Topaz for her daughter’s birthday, and a diamond for her own.  Continue reading “Mom & Daughter”

​A medical tag he’ll wear

J​ohn is a 9 year-old boy with ​a severe Penicillin allergy, but ​his medical ​alert ​tag kept getting “lost”. ​It’d turn up weeks later ​in the sock drawer or bottom of the school bag​ – ​that’s how a ​pre-teen tells you “​Not cool​,​ mom​!​”

So ​John’s ​mom asked me to make something that ​​is ​”​cool​”​​ ​enough for him to wear – keep​ing ​John safe and ​bringing ​his mom pe​a​ce of mind. Continue reading “​A medical tag he’ll wear”


We’ve been really focused on acquiring some new skills over the last months, but there are good things happening on the commercial side too.

DesignYard, Dublin’s best-known contemporary jewellery gallery, has started to carry our collection, with a number of pieces on show in the store.

And it’s selling nicely. Get in there to see what’s still on display. The next batch mightn’t get to the store for a couple of months!

Crown Jewels

Recently, and for the second time, we had a special private viewing of the British Crown Jewels. It’s quite a privilege.

For those of you that haven’t heard of them – which should be very few  – they’re a unique collection of pieces gathered by fair means and foul over the centuries.

While they’re very different from anything that you’re likely to see worn outside the heavily guarded precincts of a state event, they do allow you to see what’s possible given almost unlimited funds. In fact, the limitation on some of the crowns is that they’re uncomfortably heavy to wear.

Though we do like to make statement pieces, we prefer you wear them casually and comfortably.






Mind you, if you have the budget and a strong neck we can surely come up with something!