Here’s an early bespoke piece back in for a service


Here’s a flashback to a piece I made when I first started out. This chunky Amazonite “pocket stone” came from a local rock shop. I loved the colour and felt there was a better destination than a deep dark pocket for this one. Continue reading “Here’s an early bespoke piece back in for a service”

Engraved monogrammed cufflinks

Reclaim, recycle, make – Bespoke cufflinks made from customer’s unloved gold


Just for a change this project started with an unloved bangle and turned into these lovely cufflinks with hand engraving.

It’s not so often I get to work on men’s jewellery Continue reading “Reclaim, recycle, make – Bespoke cufflinks made from customer’s unloved gold”

Classical bangles - upcycled gold. Diamonds optional

Reclaim, recycle, make – Bangles are very popular


Bangles appear to be your preferred choice for remodeling projects. It’s a great way to make your unused jewellery into something you will wear forever. Here are a few Continue reading “Reclaim, recycle, make – Bangles are very popular”

A family affair


Traditionally a compass rose was worn by sailors as a symbol for luck and in hopes of returning to shore alive. Nowadays it is often a symbol for focus, direction and moving forward in life.

Long time ago Brendan’s wife gifted him a pendant of a compass rose and over time it has become a hugely important symbol to him. Unfortunately Continue reading “A family affair”

Heirloom locket - to store a lock of hair.

Reclaim, recycle, make – See the making of a commemorative pendant


Sometimes a project requires a bit of research, collaboration and a whole lot of skills you never thought you’d need at a jeweller’s bench!

It is not really a big surprise that Francesca had a hard time finding a goldsmith to take on her very special project. She was looking to commission Continue reading “Reclaim, recycle, make – See the making of a commemorative pendant”

A remade ring. New setting, original band and emerald.

Sometimes it’s the little things…


Alli came in with her modern emerald and silver ring. She was looking to upgrade her ring to do justice to the rather nice emerald.  Turns out she actually rather liked the existing design, so we opted for tweaking her ring Continue reading “Sometimes it’s the little things…”

Handmade birthstone ring pair

Mom & Daughter


Maddie had been considering a special piece of jewellery using her daughter’s birthstone. We got to talking about her ideas and personal style and designed this lovely set of stacking rings. One with a Topaz for her daughter’s birthday, and a diamond for her own. Continue reading “Mom & Daughter”

​A medical tag he’ll wear

J​ohn is a 9 year-old boy with ​a severe Penicillin allergy, but ​his medical ​alert ​tag kept getting “lost”. ​It’d turn up weeks later ​in the sock drawer or bottom of the school bag​ – ​that’s how a ​pre-teen tells you “​Not cool​,​ mom​!​”

So ​John’s ​mom asked me to make something that ​​is ​”​cool​”​​ ​enough for him to wear – keep​ing ​John safe and ​bringing ​his mom pe​a​ce of mind. Continue reading “​A medical tag he’ll wear”

Looking for something special

A thoughtful gentleman popped in shortly after the New Year. He was looking for something special for his wife. Something very particular. He wanted a necklace with her birthstone and an infinity symbol and hadn’t been able to find the right thing.  So we worked up a design for a custom piece.

Only a few days later we had a result he really liked: it’s a simple piece in solid silver, hand wrought and high polished then set on a fine anchor chain with an aquamarine bead detail. Perhaps to symbolise eternal love? Continue reading “Looking for something special”

9k yellow gold oval bangle bead set with diamonds reclaimed from customers old jewellery

Let’s create some new memories

Open your jewellery box(es) and take a stroll down memory lane, remembering where you picked up a particular piece, the special occasion it marks or the person who gave it to you.

You’ll likely find some broken jewellery, single earrings and sentimental pieces you’re unlikely to wear again. Why not recycle these bits and pieces into something exciting and new, creating new memories and a piece you’ll love to wear? Continue reading “Let’s create some new memories”