Making bespoke jewellery is very exciting! You may want to design something original from scratch, to complement a cherished piece, or to rework your unused jewellery into a new design to wear for many years to come. Transforming your ideas and personality into stunning jewellery that perfectly fits your style and taste is simply magical. Read more…

Simply contact Nicole for an informal chat to hash out some initial ideas. Be prepared to get excited as you see the possibilities. Nicole will provide hand-drawn designs for your approval and then she’ll get busy skillfully hand-crafting your unique commission in her Dublin studio. Read more…


“Designing and making bespoke jewellery is a wonderful opportunity to work closely with my customers. As jewellery is so personal it is a magical experience to transform your ideas and personality into a unique piece that is perfect for you.”  — Nicole


Bespoke Services

Sometimes a bespoke piece is the only way to go. You may want an original design, a piece to reflect the importance of the occasion and suit your individual taste and style. Maybe you’re looking for something special to complement your cherished piece of jewellery. You just know what you want and this is the fastest hassle free way to get the piece you have in mind. Or maybe you’ve fallen in love with one of Nicole’s designs and would like a small alteration to make the piece more personal.

Whatever you have in mind Nicole can create an original design and handcraft a special piece of jewellery that is exactly right for you.


Remodeling Service

We almost all have a few pieces of jewellery that we simply do not wear. Maybe they are broken or outdated. Maybe it was a gift or inherited piece that you keep for sentimental reasons. Remodeling is a great way to unlock the value of these unused pieces. Combine all those memories in a special piece of fine jewellery that fits you perfectly and you will wear for many years to come, adding memories of your own.

Whatever you bring in Nicole can create an original design using your gems and precious metals to create something that is perfect for you.


Starting your Commission

“Simply pop into the studio, call me or send me an email. We’ll have a quick chat about your ideas and I’ll make some sketches. If necessary a more detailed conversation and formal drawings follow, along with a quote. Once you’re happy with the designs it takes me about 4 weeks to make your piece.” –Nicole

If you’re considering remodeling your jewellery, bring in all the jewellery, loose gems and bits and pieces for assessment – free of charge and no obligation.

We hope you’ll enjoy the process as much as we do.  We would love to see you wearing your special piece in the future, so don’t be a stranger! Do pop in from time to time to tell us how you are getting on and let us sparkle your jewellery for you.