About Nicole van der Wolf

Growing up in diplomatic circles across South America and the Caribbean, Nicole is surrounded by interesting people wearing beautiful things from a young age. She studies Business and Hotel Management in Michigan (USA) and The Netherlands. Nicole goes on to work in IT and Telecoms in Amsterdam and Barcelona, before finally settling in Dublin.

Returning to her first love, Nicole studied Gemmology at the Gem-A in London and trained as a goldsmith in Dublin. In the course of her studies she met outstanding American stone-cutters and was fascinated by their fantasy-cut gems. Seeing that it is nearly impossible to find examples of their work in Europe she decided to design one-off pieces of jewellery around these amazing gems.

Nicole draws inspiration from scenes of her international travels. Her designs incorporate gems and precious metals to evoke memories and feelings from spectacular places. She is particularly interested by the way light changes in different parts of the world and how it affects mood and colour. Her series of one-off pieces are designed around unique gems each adding to the individual character of the often dramatic pieces.

You can view Nicole van der Wolf’s work in¬†DesignYard in Dublin or shop online. For special commissions simply contact Nicole in her Dublin studio, or send her an email. Nicole looks forward to¬†hearing from you:

25 South Frederick Street
Dublin D02 E424

+353 (0)1 443 4060