My Latest Mischief


I just love that I learn something with every piece I make and how these new insights fuel so many new ideas (sometimes it’s like 4th of July fireworks in my head). My latest handmade clasps are a case in point and I am very excited to show you the new limited edition necklaces! Have a look below at descriptions of these gorgeous pieces and some pictures of the making process.


Making my series of OOAK gemstone necklaces and their decorative puzzle clasps has become a journey into clasp making. I am really enjoying the challenge and technical aspect of these projects and there was one clasp that I wanted to try that just didn’t seem to work with the gems I had. Now every goldsmith knows that the run up to Christmas is not the time to start experimenting with new designs, but then I was never one for convention : ) Just look at how fun these keyhole clasps turned out! Beautiful in silver or 9 karat yellow gold – what’s not to like?

Fueled by the excitement of my latest mischief, I dove into my collection of interesting beads and emerged with this limited edition of gemstone necklaces: a few single strands of larger Jasper beads and two multi-strands with smaller faceted beads on 9 karat yellow gold. I think they work well with both – what do you think?

The wide range of colours of these necklaces reminded me of the coral reefs I saw in my scuba-diving days. The soft matte finish and decorative off-set holes in the surface are a nod to the little polyps that build these beautiful and delicate natural structures.

Here’s hoping you like them as much as I do.

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