Reclaim, recycle, make – Bangles are very popular


Bangles appear to be your preferred choice for remodeling projects. It’s a great way to make your unused jewellery into something you will wear forever. Here are a few examples of bangles we made using your gold and gems. Almost anything is possible:

The diamonds and sapphires came from an unworn 7-stone ring and they look fabulous in this heavy 9 karat bangle with a soft rectangular profile. Superb white gold bangles, one with a D-shaped profile, the other a flat profile with comfort fit, both set with customers diamonds from other jewellery. A classic flat yellow gold band sits beside a diamond studded round rose gold bangle. Not pictured here but also very popular is a bangle set with different profiles and textures, bound together with a free floating silver hoop.

We look forward to hearing what bangle is lying in wait in the corners of your jewellery box….