Reclaim, recycle, make – See the making of a commemorative pendant


Sometimes a project requires a bit of research, collaboration and a whole lot of skills you never thought you’d need at a jeweller’s bench!

It is not really a big surprise that Francesca had a hard time finding a goldsmith to take on her very special project. She was looking to commission a locket modeled on Victorian mourning jewellery and using a lock of her late father’s hair. Although this was common in Victorian times, the use of hair in mourning jewellery has completely fallen out of practice in modern times.

I have a particular fascination with Victorian jewellery and was very excited to make this piece – little did I know what I was getting myself into! Luckily I am surrounded by resourceful people who helped me on my journey to completing this unique bespoke pendant.  Challenging, satisfying and my favourite commission yet – I think it turned out rather spectacular!

More importantly though – with this pendant Francesca can carry the memory of her father with her always.


And just for fun here are some images of the making process: