Featured in Totally Dublin


So fun to be featured in Totally Dublin’s article on DesignYard, alongside the talented Ella Green and Loinnir Jewellery! Read the excerpt below or click here to check out the full article http://www.totallydublin.ie/more/fashion/exposing-the-enclosure-the-design-yard/

Excerpt from the article

“…With a longer journey behind her, Chilean born Nicole Van Der Wolf claims she always loved looking at jewellery, but “it never dawned on me that I could actually make it.” A sheer glimpse at her work, undoubtedly indicates that she can and that journey that came before has very much fed into her creations. “I feel as though my whole life has been a big wandering path. I was born in Chile, lived in the Caribbean, The Netherlands, the States and Spain. During this time I worked in tourism, tech and tech writing – anything that came my way really.”

What came her way next, was a move to Dublin, whereby she took a career break, taking time to settle her family into their new surroundings. During her time out, Nicole took to studying a Diploma in Gemmology in The Gemmological Association of Great Britain, an institution in which she says she was “bitten by the bug.”

“This has been a six year long trek of getting up to the standard of actually being able to make everything that came into my head,” says Nicole. “Being able to put the ideas together physically has made it all very personal for me. You find a stone and it dictates the piece you create.” Describing a static life once more, Nicole uses “colours which I remember from my youth in the Caribbean, from the Northern European skies and the two strongest seasons of Michigan.”

Her memories are communicated in creations that can be described as a paradoxical mix of statement and subtlety. ‘Midnight Snow’ an intricate coming together of onyx druze, moonstone, diamond and 18 carat gold, takes us to the cool placidity of the north. While ‘Cubo’ the free-floating cubed gemstone in a shimmering Tiger Eye transports us directly to the tropics.

Snowdrift as featured in Totally Dublin

Both pieces embody not just beauty, but the tale of travel behind them, something which Nicole’s and The Design Yard’s customers as a whole are searching for in their sprees. Speaking at length about the labels she is surrounded by she says that, “there is a quality to the pieces, a story behind them. And that’s what our customers want. Something to really love, not just something that their friends are going to like.”