​A medical tag he’ll wear

J​ohn is a 9 year-old boy with ​a severe Penicillin allergy, but ​his medical ​alert ​tag kept getting “lost”. ​It’d turn up weeks later ​in the sock drawer or bottom of the school bag​ – ​that’s how a ​pre-teen tells you “​Not cool​,​ mom​!​”

So ​John’s ​mom asked me to make something that ​​is ​”​cool​”​​ ​enough for him to wear – keep​ing ​John safe and ​bringing ​his mom pe​a​ce of mind.

​This rather ‘deadly’ bullet casing from a local flea market fit the bill. We sunk a hole to take the sturdy silver chain and polished the casing. The awesome Martin O’Keefe hand​-​engraved this medical symbol and allergy details, name & contact number.

​John hasn’t taken it off since he got it​ – John safe, mom happy.

​Are you having trouble finding what you have in mind off the shelf? Or do you have an idea for a special piece of jewellery you’d like but can’t find? Pop in and share your thoughts, it’s quite likely we can make it for you.